Artists and craftspeople dedicated to making, creating and sharing skills.

Insect Mandala drawing technique by grad
Linda Landers
Visiting Artists
Lorn Pop-UP

Exhibition Space for Hire

Art Teacher & Manager

Artists Welcome

 Marketing and display space for product sales, launches, photography opportunities, pop-up shop, exhibitions.

A teacher of art & craft for over three decades in Australia, The US, Malaysia and China. Linda has taught drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture, clay, textiles and food technology. She has a great love of skill sharing and facilitating creative experience.


Bachelor of Education in Art

Dietary Practices Certificate 3

Working with Children Clearance


We are always looking for talented artists to run workshops. Please contact info@lornart.com

Sally Fitzpatrick

Principal & Creative Writing Teacher

Sally is studio Principal and Creative Writing Director she conducts workshops and weekly classes for students over the age of 16. 

Masters in Creative Writing

Contact Sally info@lornart.com



13 Belmore Road

Lorn NSW 2320


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